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Highlights from the 2013-2014 season of the Metropolitan Opera.

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Edgar Allan Poe: Prose & Poetry

In biography the truth is everything. — Edgar Allan Poe Poe was born in Boston in January of 1809, the son of two actors.  By the time he was three, his father had...

The Horror Writer: John Carpenter

Known as "The Horror Master," John Carpenter is Hollywood's ultimate auteur of fright. In this new interview, the writer, director and composer talks about his career...

Learn about the fake news behind Edgar Allan Poe’s reputation

When Edgar Allan Poe died under mysterious circumstances, it was his rival, Rufus Griswold, who wrote the obituary that cast him as a lunatic and a madman. The post...


Early Life 1809  On January 19, Edgar Poe is born in Boston, Massachusetts, to actors Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David...

Behind the Scenes

Actor Denis OHare and American Masters Executive Producer Michael Kantor discuss the making of the film Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive. Major support for Edgar Allan...


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