Vertical lunch: To increase food production, crowded Singapore looks up

Last Updated by Sam Eaton on

A new super-efficient vertical farming system is helping increase food security and reduce the climate impact of food production for the 5 million residents of crowded Singapore.

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Teaching boys to be 'gentle men' in a hyper-masculine world

Last Updated by Catharine Richert on

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, a local group of Rochester nuns organized a meeting with 10- to 13-year-olds to talk to them about being good men.

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Minnesota students above the national average on the ACT

Last Updated by Press, The Associated on

Test results released Wednesday show the class of 2018 earning an average composite score of 21.3 out of a possible 36. That's down slightly from last year's average of 21.5, but still above the national average of 20.8.

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New U fellowship honors civil rights leader Josie Johnson

Last Updated by Peter Cox on

Johnson said she hopes the fellowship will encourage students to take risks, to deeply study and try new ideas. "I just think it's important for our children to feel that things are possible," she said.

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U of M students accept challenge of explaining their complicated thesis research in 3 minutes

Last Updated by Elizabeth Dunbar on

The 'Science in Seconds' competition forced graduate students to explain their thesis topics to a general audience for a chance to move on to a university-wide competition on Nov. 9.

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'Be curious': New St. Cloud State head brings love of learning to job

Last Updated by Kirsti Marohn on

Robbyn Wacker's idea of a great role model? Curious George.

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University of Minnesota reviews Greek policy after student death

Last Updated by Associated Press on

The University of Minnesota is re-examining its Greek life policy following the second alcohol-related death of a campus fraternity member within a year.

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A fresh face for fossils: Science Museum of Minnesota welcomes new head of paleontology

Last Updated by Gabriel Kwan on

The new curator brings enthusiasm, expertise and high hopes for community outreach.

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Smart money practices to save for college

Last Updated by Marcheta Fornoff and Kerri Miller, J Bissoy on

Higher ed is getting more and more expensive. Are you ready to send your child off to college?

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New lab takes students on virtual field trips

Last Updated by Dan Gunderson on

Hawley Public Schools is introducing students -- and their teachers -- to the district's new virtual reality lab, one of only a few hundred around the country.

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What to do if your child's school isn't teaching reading right?

Last Updated by Emily Hanford on

After our recent examination of why American kids aren't being taught to read well, we received a ton of questions, mostly from parents. So we went to the experts to get answers.

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In the fight over Kavanaugh, echoes of a battle being waged on college campuses nationwide

Last Updated by Alex, Baumhardt on

Across the country, schools wrestle with how sexual assault is defined and how much proof is needed.

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How the US is trying to deter migrants from Central America — with music

Last Updated by Valerie Hamilton on

A catchy song is getting plenty of play on Central American airwaves, but not everyone knows it was funded by the US government.

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When kids come to see 'Hamilton,' it's noisy downtown

Last Updated by Euan Kerr on

High school students get a chance to see the hit musical, and a few of them take a turn on stage.

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University of Minn. fires firm to find Kaler's replacement

Last Updated by Peter Cox on

Two months into its presidential search, the University of Minnesota dismissed the national firm it hired to lead the process, after Storbeck/Pimentel and Associates was selected to do the same job for Michigan State University.

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